The South American Grill at Grillstock 2017

This is a collaborative post.

Ahh, Grillstock. This celebration of meat, music and mayhem has become somewhat of a Bristolian institution over the years. Taking over the amphitheatre on the harbourside on the first weekend of July, it brings together the UK’s best burger flippers, hot dog makers and connoisseurs of pulled pork for a weekend of feasting.

While we used to be regulars at this auld festival year in, year out, I think it’s been a couple of years since we’d popped along last; the combination of less meat consumption on our parts (we were veggie for the most part of last year) and the plethora of new restaurants in the city (particularly burger joints) made Grillstock lose its shine a little bit for us. I was intrigued to go back to see how it had changed and held up in the new Bristol culinary climate, and when I was invited along to test some delicious wines and sample some Argentinian beef, the words YES PLEASE left my mouth pretty swiftly.

I have to admit, that while I do love wine, wine does not love me. I’m fond of red wine, but seem to suffer the worst hangovers of my life when guzzling it. I don’t think it’s the drink per se, but rather the vast amounts that seem to disappear inside me when I get going. I think a bit more self control is needed in the future.

I was lucky enough to sample all four of these lush tipples from Comuna (from Argentina) and Colinas de Uruguay, who happen to be next door neighbours, but not so well known for their wine production. My favourite was definitely the Malbec, it had all the softness of a red wine but was very light, and I surprised myself by being rather fond of the Albarino too, having completely convinced myself that I do not like white wine under any circumstances. Turns out I do! Who knew.

All this responsible wine drinking needed to be accompanied with some grub, so luckily London restaurant Constancia were on hand dishing out Argentinian grilled classics. It was at this point that I was handed the biggest steak sandwich I had ever seen in my life, the perfect partner to this red wine and which melted in my mouth like butter. I have to admit that I couldn’t finish it all by myself, but the boys were on hand to polish it off.

Bellies full and slightly woozy from the heat and the wine, it was time to watch the chilli eating competition (won by a lady with a mouth of steel), and later on re-live being a teenager again by singing along to Goldie Lookin’ Chain. Oh Grillstock, you haven’t changed one bit.

A massive thanks to Comuna Wines for inviting me to Grillstock and letting me sample their wares! In case you want to try any of these wines, they are all available from Sainsbury’s.

 I was invited along for the purpose of this post but all words and opinions are my own.

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