Not The Safe Route U.K.

Here it comes. Here comes autumn. I can feel the chill in the air, sending an excited tingle throughout my bones. Soon it will be time to bask in the warm belly of a pub, sipping pints of ale or mulled cider and eating comforting dinners which make your jeans feel snug. Like every good blogger, I adore the autumntime, and the best bit about autumn is the excuse to dig out the woollies.

During my annual ‘wool wash’ I came across my trusty beanie from Not the Safe Route, and thought I’d introduce you all to this lush indie brand. Started back in 2016 by a good pal of mine Josh, NTSR make apparel and merchandise for your inner explorer. Think campfires, sleeping under stars, chopping wood with your favourite axe and waking up in the woods smelling of bonfires. Just the hygge inspiration we’re all craving at this time of the year when the leaves get crunchy.

I prefer buying from independent, small brands because you know that your purchase is directly helping the maker and designer. I’ve talked about my love for buying local previously, but have since found myself slipping back into bad habits as the new season lookbooks from Monki and Cos make their way into my inbox. I’ve made a mental pact with myself to try and either make, thrift, recycle or buy locally this winter, so my garments aren’t contributing to this fast fashion loop we all find ourselves stuck in.

I practically lived in this ‘Adventurer’ beanie last winter, embracing my hipster aesthetic with aplomb. If adventuring is your thing then you can snap up all sorts of adventurer merch to live your personal brand – this patch set is another fave of mine, perfect for accessorising your own favourite hat for some autumnal walks.

Now, where are my walking boots…

Image by Lauren Jayne Hall.

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