Super-Simple Breakfast: Overnight Oats

simple overnight oats recipe

This post is in collaboration with Arla. Read on for a super simple, super speedy breakfast recipe!

simple overnight oats recipe

In the last of my posts (sob!) for Arla, I take a look at the cornerstone of all super speedy simple breakfast recipes… overnight oats!

overnight oats recipe

I’ve spoken previously about the absolute magic of oats in the morning. These slow energy-release carbohydrates ensure your tummy isn’t grumbling up til lunch, plus they are massively versatile too – the potatoes of the breakfast world – managing to transform into porridge, granola, flapjacks, and my personal fave, these delicious and simple overnight oats.

super simple overnight oats recipe

The idea behind Arla’s brilliant #ChooseGoodness campaign is to start the day on the right foot with a nutritious breakfast in as little as 6 minutes. There are blimmin’ loads of awesome recipes on the Arla website, go take a look for breakfast inspiration!

If you’ve never tried making these bad boys before, they could not be simpler. They take a little forward planning, but I tend to make them in batches for the week ahead.

overnight oats

You will need:
2 tbsp Arla LactoFree Natural Yoghurt
3 tbsp Arla Best of Both Milk
45g jumbo porridge oats
Raspberries (optional)
Nuts and seeds (optional, but make a tasty topping)

Combine the yoghurt, milk and oats in a small bowl or tumbler glass. Mix in the raspberries, if using, and chill in the fridge over night (the clue is in the title!).

In the morning, pop the kettle on, get your oats from the fridge and top with your favourite nuts, seeds, honey… crumbled sesame snaps – whatever you like! Tuck in and enjoy.

overnight oats

Overnight oats are a truly personal, customisable experience. I like mine to be a nice halfway house between stick-to-your-ribs firm and fall-off-your-spoon runny. If you like them a little less sloppy, add a touch less milk. If you prefer it to be runnier, add more milk or yoghurt as desired. Make these a few times and you’ll soon find a happy medium 🙂

If you do make any of the recipes I’ve posted, please do let me know! I love seeing photos of recipe successes. Find me on Twitter and Instagram @lilydoughball.

This post was in collaboration with Arla.

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