Trying to be Cool

Do you see what happens when I don’t have Lauren to take my photo?! This happens. I forget how to smile. Instead, I adopt a trying-desperately-to-be-cool face, trying to emulate the effortless chic of my fellow other bloggers.

I got some jazzy new specs from a site called SmartBuyGlasses a couple of weeks ago, so I ventured out by myself, armed with a tripod and a timer to take them for a spin around a very gritty looking part of Bedminster.

Shirt: Fred Perry // Skirt: Monki (similar here) // Jacket: Vintage // Shoes: Dr. Martens Polley // Bag: Kanken Mini in Forest Green // Sunglasses: RayBan Gatsby (*)

This sunny afternoon was a day for road-testing new purchases. As well as my fancy new sunnies, I also parted with an eye-watering sum for this Fred Perry shirt recently. Despite feeling a little guilty about the price tag, I have absolutely no intention of sending it back; it’s spectacularly comfortable and looks nice even when thrown on with a pair of jeans.

It was also my first attempt at this whole fishnet tights trend which seems to be a thing with the kids these days – to be perfectly honest, I think my skirt was a bit too short and my jacket a bit too long for me to feel at all comfortable. I was hobbling round awkwardly looking like I was wearing nowt on my bottom half, which drew some peculiar looks in the Post Office queue. Girls, how do you wear these at festivals comfortably?!

I was astonishingly lucky to be sent these glasses from a site called SmartBuyGlasses. I’m always a little dubious when buying from a new website, especially if I haven’t heard of them previously. Having said that, they arrived amazingly quickly and packaged perfectly, and I could not be happier.

Choosing from their extensive range was easy for me, as I’ve always been drawn to Ray Bans. I’ve got a vintage 80s pair from Tom’s mum, and these Gatsby’s have now joined the collection. I like how the gold detail at the top makes them look super fancy, but not overly showy, so they’re perfectly at home with a shirt-and-skirt combo or dressed up at a wedding.

I still need to work on my solo photo shoot posing. Any tips, friends?

This post contains affiliate links. I was sent these glasses for the purpose of this review but all words and opinions are my own.

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