How I Won Free Pizza For Life (And You Can, Too!)

pizzarova restaurant bristol wall

Well HELLO THERE clickbait-y title! Snared you in with that one, huh? But in all seriousness, something happened to me a few months ago which has changed my life (and my waistline) forever. And yours could soon change, too.

pizzarova pizza bristol

I was lucky enough to be the recipient of a Pizzarova Pink Card, meaning that I am now entitled to free pizza, every day, FOR LIFE. Let that sink in a moment.


That’s better than winning the lottery, imho.

pizzarova bristol menu

We’ve taken full advantage of this magical pink card a few times over the last few months, popping our heads into their restaurant on Gloucester Rd, and were not disappointed in the slightest. One thing I love about Pizzarova is that you’re not charged for how many toppings you want – you can have one, or you can have ’em all. The choice is yours. Bless you, Pizzarova.

I’ve had to reign it in a little recently, as I was starting to go a little overboard on the whole free pizza malarkey and it started taking its inevitable toll on how snug my jeans felt.

pizzarova bristol restaurant wall

Bristol seems to be at the forefront of the nouveau wave of pizza joints at the moment. They’re popping up in every pocket of the city, and it was nearly a year ago that the fab Pizzarova opened their doors to their restaurant on Gloucester Rd. Since then they’ve added ‘the Crate’ at Whapping Wharf, and have re-launched their amazing competition to win one of their coveted pink cards.

That’s right, my friends, you could win free pizza for life!!

pizzarova bristol pink card

If you want to get your hands on one of these magical pink cards which entitles you to free pizza FO’ LYFE, make sure you follow these very important instructions:
1. Follow @pizzarova on Twitter and like them on Facebook
3. A location will be revealed every couple of weeks on social media
4. The first person to go to that location, give the Pizzarova OK sign and bellow “GIVE ME A PINK CARD” will win one.

Simple as (pizza) pie!

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  1. I want pizza now… and I want the pink card hehe 🙂

    I think I might have to take a wander up Gloucester Road and investigate – I’m up for trying more pizza!

    • Lily

      Jesse – they’re giving another one away this week! Keep an eye out on their Twitter and you might get lucky 🙂 x

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