You Do You

Oh hey, it’s been a while. Whoops.

This blog has remained dormant since April 2018. I’ve archived a lot of the old posts. Quite a few things have happened since then, which those who know me closely will be well aware of.

What hasn’t changed is this idea in the back of my mind; “I must start writing again. I should probably do a blog post, it’s been a while. This would make a great post. I want to share this with people. That listicle doesn’t list my favourite breakfast place, I want to write about my favourite breakfast places” etc etc.

This was always intended as a creative outlet for writing and photography outside of my day job. When I started it, back in June 2013, I was working as a photographer, confused and bored as hell of photographing ‘still life’ all day and wanting to do something to push myself and my photography a bit more.

I started working in social media and it became practice for my day job; I began working as a copywriter, and it was good at clearing out the cobwebs from the rusty cogs in my brain, keeping everything moving.

As it grew, it also gave me an excuse to sign myself up to do things. It made me more adventurous in my weekend plans. If I could document it and stick it up on the internet, I was doing it.

I’m also immensely grateful for the people who I have met through writing this blog. One of my closest friends I met at a blog meet, and I am lucky enough to have been introduced to some of the nicest people in Bristol, all through the circumstance of putting my life up on the internet.

Before long though, that notion of adventure and personal progression got flipped on its head, and I began chasing content for content’s sake – getting stressed and resistant in the process, never actually wanting to sit down and write something, even if I needed to. It was making me miserable. 

What had disappeared between that initial outlet for my creativity and this chore which I had bound myself to?

I’m not really sure, to be completely honest. I think it might have something to do with seeing what the word ‘influencer’ and ‘blogger’ have now come to represent, not recognising myself in that label at all, and wanting to distance myself from it.

I’ve always wanted to keep this going, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do so.

I’ve had a spring clean, and am hoping that this is the kick up the bum I need in order to get me back into writing again.

An internet diary, of sorts. Things that interest me, places I’ve been which are worthy of sharing, maybe something I’ve cooked, I’m not sure yet. We’ll see how it progresses. That was always what I had initially intended, but that idea got a little lost along the way.

What has definitely changed is that I’m not feeling guilty about it any more. I’m not writing about things that don’t interest me, and I’m not writing for the sake of it.

I’ll probably just stick up a couple of pictures and a short paragraph underneath; this is the age of Instagram, after all, and I’m well aware that people’s attention spans are not what they used to be.

On that note, I’ll probably shut up now. Thanks for sticking with me this far.

Completely unrelated photo of a cute row of houses in Walthamstow from last weekend.